We strongly recommend a bi-annual maintenance be performed on your central system before the heating and cooling seasons begin. Our Service Agreement options can help you put this service on automatic.

Replace or Clean Filter

Central air maintenanceImportant Note: Never operate unit without a filter installed as dust and lint will build up on internal parts resulting in loss of efficiency, frequent break-downs and premature system replacement. Your air filter or filters are located in your furnace, in a blower unit, or in “filter grilles” in your ceiling or walls. The installer of your air conditioner or heat pump can tell you where your filter(s) are, and how to clean or replace them. Check your filter(s) at least once a month. When they are dirty, replace or clean as required. Disposable type filters should be replaced. Reusable type filters may be cleaned. By the way, You  want to ask your dealer about high efficiency filters. High efficiency filters are available in both electronic and non- electronic types. These filters can do a better job of catching small airborne particles.

COMPRESSOR The compressor motor is hermetically sealed and does not require additional oiling. MOTORS Indoor and outdoor fan motors are permanently lubricated and do not require additional oiling.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Clean Outside Coil (Qualified Professional Services Only)

central air unitBe certain that the high voltage power is shut off to your outdoor condensing unit. Also, never restore power to your unit until the unit is thoroughly dry. Our professional service expert knows what to look for so that dust, debris, foliage, and building obstructions do not hamper proper air flow needed for efficient operation and long life of your equipment.

Air must be able to flow through the outdoor unit of your comfort system. Do not construct a fence near the unit or build a deck or patio over the unit without first discussing your plans with one of our Service Experts. Restricted airflow could lead to poor operation and/or severe equipment damage. Likewise, it is important to keep the outdoor condenser coil clean. Dirt, leaves, or debris could also restrict the airflow. If cleaning of the outdoor coil becomes necessary, hire a qualified Service company like Cogburn’s Heating and Air. Inexperienced people could easily puncture the tubing in the coil. Even a small hole in the tubing could eventually cause a large loss of refrigerant. Loss of refrigerant can cause poor operation and/or severe equipment damage. Do not use a condensing unit cover to “protect” the outdoor unit during the winter, unless you first discuss it with your dealer. Any cover used must include “breathable” fabric to avoid moisture buildup.

Is The Thermostat On?

circuit breakersCheck the thermostat to confirm that it is properly set. Wait 15 minutes. Some devices in the outdoor condensing unit or in programmable thermostats will prevent compressor operation for awhile, and then reset automatically. Also, some power companies will install devices which shut off air conditioners for several minutes on hot days. If you wait several minutes, the unit may begin operation on its own.

To avoid the risk of equipment damage or fire, when replacing fuses and circuit breakers, use the same amperage breaker or fuse as the one you are replacing. If the circuit breaker or fuse should trip or blow again within thirty days, call Cogburn’s, our Service Technicians can correct the problem. Repeatedly resetting breakers or replacing fuses without having the root problem corrected could run risk of fire or severe equipment damage.

Before Calling Cogburn’s Heating and Air

  • Check the electrical panel for tripped circuit breakers or failed fuses. Reset the circuit breakers or replace fuses as necessary.
  • Check the disconnect switch near the indoor furnace or blower to confirm that it is closed.
  • Check for obstructions on the outdoor unit . Confirm that it has not been covered on the sides or the top. Remove any obstruction that can be safely removed. If the unit is covered with dirt or debris, call Cogburn’s to clean it.
  • Check for blockage of the indoor air inlets and outlets. Confirm that they are open and have not been blocked by objects (rugs, curtains or furniture).
  • Check the air filter. Replace or clean it, if it is dirty.
  • Listen for any unusual noise(s), other than normal operating noise, that might be coming from the outdoor air conditioning unit. Call us immediately if you hear unusual noise(s) coming from the unit.